Sheldon and Emerson

Sheldon and Emerson

Sheldon and Emerson Chong, 14 and 13 y.o. respectively, are multi-talented authors, cartoonists, animators and changemakers, with a mission to inspire creativity and transform mindsets. 

Their YouTube Channel, CyberLegends Animations has 80K subscribers, and growing from around the world (

They also do commissioned comics and digital art for organisation. They were engaged as the illustrators of the HSBC FUN-nancial Guide for children ( They were recognised as Can-Do Heroes by HSBC Malaysia for their Can-Do attitude, to motivate and inspire Malaysians.

They have also authored and illustrated their second children storybooks, which was recently launched. Watch them speak and draw at their Virtual Book Launch by Borders Malaysia:

Both of them were winners in the Young Entrepreneur X-Factor 2019 in their respective categories. They have been conducting cartooning, comic drawing and creative workshops and talks for the past 6 years and inspired thousands of people. They host their own talk show, Treehouse Teenz Talk in which they interview local and international leaders and entrepreneurs to inspire conscious changemakers.


Instagram: sheldon_and_emerson


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