Alex Liong

Alex Liong

Teaching art has always been my passion for the past 30 years.  The accumulated years of experience helps to build up my profession as an art instructor and a visual clay artist. 


With a strong artistic background, I had developed a creative art program, namely 1na1ni @rt, which covers the fundamental elements in art education.  The methodology has proven its effectiveness in my students' artworks throughout the years.


My interest in handcrafting clay art started by adopting clay as the key media, its malleable texture and vibrant colors resembles an embossed and attractive visual on the final artwork, making it an One-Of-Its-Kind creation.

Past Exhibitions 

2021 - Oshem 2021, Art Market Malaysia, Malaysia

2021 - First: My Journey, Virtual Art Exhibition, Inner Joy Art, Malaysia

2021 - Her Stories, Virtual Art Exhibition, Sunrise Art Gallery, India


Art Awards

2021 - Special Recognition Award (11th Annual Animal, 11th Landscapes, 3rd 555 Special ) Online Art Competition, Light Space & Time Art Gallery, USA





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